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We have been asked for our location. Boakye Fie is located in Prince Georges, MD. We are an offshoot of the Nana Akonnedi Shrine in Larteh Kubease, Ghana.

Kat Burns said on Sep 10, 2015 7:34 PM

I would like to learn the tradition of spiritual bathing. Will there ever be a post or a workshop on this?

Water is life. Water can carry spiritual energy to cleanse and heal our souls, bodies, minds and spirits. This energy can come from herbs, other substances, spiritual implements or prayer. A knowledgeable practioner can make a bath to address many needs that people have. You may be familiar with lavender being used in a bath to calm and sooth an anxious person. An okomfo in preparing a bath for a person can find out from Spirit exactly what that particular person should have in the bath to help their situation. The okomfo also is trained to use the proper invocations to empower the bath.

McNeil said on Aug 29, 2015 5:58 PM

Interested in gaining experience in community healing & therapy. Wanted to sit in on some of the work you do in the community to learn & see if this is something I'm interested in connecting with.

We appreciate your interest in our work. As with any clergy our work requires that we keep all the information revealed in the course of the work in strictest confidence so we cannot honor your request.

We do not see the spiritual as separate from the physical so daily bathing is necessary for spiritual and physical well being.

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