Boakyefiefo Biographies

Nana Kofi Asinor Boakye is the Okomfo Panyin (Senior Priest) of the Obosum, Nana Obo Kwesi. He is a founding member of the Washington, DC Bosumfie of the Bosum Dzemawodzi and the second person in America to be given the position of Obrafo (Executioner). Nana Yao Opare Dinizulu,I initiated Nana Boakye into the priesthood in 1972.

Nana Boakye stands ready to serve all those who seek the help of Nana Obo Kwesi. Nana Obo Kwesi is a powerful protector and healer who works closely with the asafo (warriors) to protect the nation from all dangers. He also helps people with work and business matters. As Obrafo Panyin Nana Boakye assisted Nana Yao Kimati Opare Dinizulu, Omanhene of the Akan in America and Osofo of the Akonedi Shrine in America with matters of state and the work of the shrines including the training of akomfo. Nana Boakye serves as a member of the Washington, DC Council of Elders and as a mentor for the Black Male Initiative at the University of Maryland College Park where he has conducted rites of passage for its members. Nana poured libation at the 2012, Prayer Vigil for Peace at the Washington Monument (above), the sunrise prayers for the Million Man March and at the 40th Anniversary of the March on Washington. He has been a presenter at many conferences and community organizations events including the African Traditional Spiritual Coalition Sacred Healing Circles, Ujamaa Shule, Nationhouse Positive Action Center, the United Black Community Kwanzaa Celebrations and Black History Month programs in schools and at several government agencies. Nana Boakye is also a writer and labor relations consultant.