African Heritage Dancers and Drummers were live.

Peace and blessings all! Please join us as we celebrate and support The Living Legend Baba Melvin Deal.โ€‹[0]=AT3aQPykrFV5YFtk6177zYL2rOeUvPBa7mkOnujmDd7_iYEYuNOmjJYZogPNcFqd0tLSBjkZDEkXvMbUgiMo1h89RSWVrHOiYFgCE-Akpn3w4r1yJVUlfF2hwO_-pq9hFhx9HC6tAsVPqPAL-_YDrA1GpD-e_nG6FP4vZjLoJofuBMY6ZWxGsVx3Link above to provide any further donations you would like to give.Today we bring you a few classic African Heritage selections to honor Baba Deal and to give back to his life's work.


Link above to provide any further donations you would like to give.1:04 / 47:17


Nana Kofi Asinor Boakye

I am so proud of all of You for powerfully representing for Baba Melvin Deal. Baba Melvin Deal gave unselfishly of Himself to not only the Washington, DC area but the world. He will be sorely missed. Now We must give our financial support to his homegoing.๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

Obo Kwesi says: "Faith is a talisman. Truth is a talisman. Work brings rewards. Say your prayers with faith then get up and work for what you pray for." 


โ€œGod never dies, therefore I cannot dieโ€

It is with a heavy heart that I must say a beautiful soul has left to join her Ancestors. My beloved Granddaughter Yaa Yaa Maria Aboagyewa Boakyewa Hunt-Thomas departed this life December 29, 2019 while on vacation in Accra, Ghana.

January 26 at 5:05 PM ยท

In loving memory of our beloved Yaayaa, you are invited to share your condolences and remembrance on this memorial page, created on behalf of her family. Yaayaa-Maria Aboagyewa Boakyewa-Hunt/Okomfo Yaa Nyo Memorial Page

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